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International Students

Current & Enrolled Students

This section is for current students applying for aid. If you are a prospective student, please go to the Tuition & Financial Aid section for application deadlines and policies. You must apply for financial aid prior to admission.

International students who do not apply for aid prior to admission are not eligible to receive institutional aid at Smith at any time. For more information, see When to Apply for Aid.

Automatic Renewal

International students do not re-apply for financial aid each year; financial aid will be automatically renewed and updated each academic year. No action is required on your part.

Housing & Aid

Holding a position with the residence life office will impact your financial aid award. The aid adjustment will depend on the position. Please contact us to determine how your award would be affected by a residence life position.

Housing Coordinators & House Community Advisers

Domestic and international Housing Coordinators (HCs) and House Community Advisers (HCAs) have their work-study award replaced with the HCA stipend. The stipend will be paid regularly during the academic year.

Head Residents

International Head Residents (HRs) will have all loan and work components of their awards replaced with the Head Resident Grant and stipend. Students receiving need-based grant assistance from Smith College will see a reduction in their Smith grant assistance by the amount that the HR grant exceeds the level of self-help (loan and work).

Loan Assistance - International students may have eligibility to have some or all of their loans reinstated on request. Please contact us to determine you eligibility if you are interested in this option.

Below is an example of how working as a Head Resident would affect your financial aid award (2017-18).

Self-help assistance:

  Juniors Seniors
Loan $5,650 $6,200
Work $2,450 $2,450
Total Self-Help $8,100 $8,650

Need-based grant reduction for international students:

Head Resident Grant $13,176 $13,176
Minus Self-Help Total $8,100 $8,650
Grant Reduction $5,076 $4,526

Declining Aid

We assume all awards are accepted as offered unless we receive notification otherwise in writing. You may decrease or decline the loan (or any other part of the award) by sending an email to or noting your decision on your financial aid award letter and returning it to the Office of Student Financial Services. Be sure to keep a copy for your records.