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I am Smith

Caitlyn Vincent ’17

Caitlyn Vincent

Portland, Oregon
Government major; public policy minor


I came for a tour and info session, after I had been admitted, and instantly fell in love. Smith had exactly the mix of a liberal arts education and great resources that I was looking for. It felt like home. I love the way the subjects of my classes overlap. For example, in a foreign policy class we were looking at the Cuban Missile Crisis; at the same time I was studying the Soviet Union and the Cold War in history, and Marxism in a political theory class. That kind of breadth, I feel, will serve me well down the road. I hope to work for the United States government in the diplomatic corps or the Department of State.

“Smith had exactly the mix of a liberal arts education and great resources that I was looking for.”

Smith does a great job of connecting your interests to hands-on experiences and internships. This summer and fall, I am participating in Smith’s Jean Picker Semester-in-Washington Program, and I will intern at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the state department. Next spring, through Smith’s study abroad program, I will attend the University of Geneva while interning for an international organization.

You might think life at a women’s college would be cloistered, but it is just the opposite at Smith. I am continually surprised by how tolerant and diverse the student body is. 

The alumnae network is also amazing. You feel an immediate connection when alums come to campus—which they do often—to give presentations or just to talk to us about our career goals, one-on-one or in a group. They genuinely care about what we are doing and our plans for the future. They want us to succeed. What a special bond!